Jill’s Blog for the week of January 27, 2014

Why did we decide to go with a virtual law office instead of the traditional brick and mortar?

We went to a virtual law school instead of a brick and mortar school. We learned what can be done on the internet with experience and creativity.  We became comfortable attending lectures where we could see and talk with the professor and our classmates. We took tests online, submitted our homework online, and achieved legal as well as technical knowledge and experience.

From these experiences, we firmly believe this is the law practice of the future.

We found out about the economies of using the internet.  Our tuition was considerably less expensive because the school did not have to maintain large physical facilities.  We learned from some of the most noted law professors in the country – at substantially lower cost because those lectures could be and were recorded and reproduced.  The professors we worked with every week “met” with us from wherever they lived and worked. 

The question then became how we could practice law according to California Rules from the internet.  Stu learned about this, and approached me about working with him in this venture.  We think it is a new and exciting opportunity on the cusp of a major change in how law is practiced.  We wanted in on it, and we think you will want to try it as well.

Keep checking back with us, as we update these blogs to explain how we can help you!